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04/06/2018 - Angus Stud Dispersal Sale
Twynam Agricultural Group will be holding Jemalong Station's Stud Dispersal sale on Thursd...
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Twynam believes that investing in research & development is an essential part of our business.

We conduct large scale farming systems research, industry trials, partner Co-operative Research Centres, and conduct in-house investigation into new technologies, as well as enhancing our Angus stud at Forbes with new developments in monitoring of quality of sires and cows.

The industry sees Twynam as an early adopter of new technology that will increase productivity across its business.

Twynam’s research into row spacing of upland cotton resulted in commercialisation of a new configuration, 38cm, with John Deere. Growers in the cooler growing areas of NSW adopted this technology readily, as well as others in warm season climates such as Queensland and Northern NSW.

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