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09/04/2018 - Media Release
Twynam Agricultural Group Pty Ltd has entered into contracts for the sale of its three Lac...
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A large horticultural development has been incorporated at "Jemalong" with the establishment of 216 hectares of winter Valencia oranges. The varieties planted are primarily aimed at the fresh juice market. The first of 180,000 trees were planted in October 2005 and the last tree was planted in in early 2012. 

The orchard will reach full production in 2020, producing an estimated 12,900 tonnes of fruit with an anticipated yield of 6 million litres of premium fresh orange juice. The orchard is currently producing in excess of 9000 tonnes of fruit per annum.

Jemalong Citrus is an innovative orchard using the latest in water, fertiliser and organic technologies including irrigation with "proportional fertigation". This combined with high density plantings, integrated pest management and mechanical harvesting provides an optimum balance of scale and yield at a competitive price.

Our information brochure can be viewed or downloaded here.

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